Wicomico Lodge #91
110 N. Division St
Salisbury, MD 21801

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Worshipful Master's Message

 It is a great privilege to serve as Worshipful Master of Wicomico Lodge #91,
AF & AM. I am blessed to be a member of this ancient fraternity, which is dedicated to brotherly love, relief, and truth, and which the brothers of our lodge have exemplified to me from the first day I sought admission.

    Our goal is to make good men better, by incorporating into our lives the moral principles, values, and virtues which enable us to better serve God, our neighbor, ourselves, and our families. This path is long and requires hard work and dedication, but with the help of our brothers we can not only reach our destination, but enjoy the journey.

    I recently read that in Masonic tradition the Worshipful Master role is one of teaching and mentoring, as in Schoolmaster as opposed to Slavemaster... this means that I have a lot to learn! My goal as W.M. for this year is for us all to learn together and from one another.

    If you, the reader, are not yet a Mason, it may be that you are interested in becoming one. We do not, as other organizations do, host membership drives, or even attempt to solicit membership at all. Per our customs and laws, it is necessary you take the initiative and seek out the recommendation of a Mason, and if you are found worthy, the door of Masonry will opened for you. We make this easy for you by providing our contact information on this web page. If you become a Mason and do the hard work, you will never regret it.

John S. Weil

Worshipful Master